Long-lasting attachment

SVK offers a range of techniques for the long-lasting attachment of façade panels.

In doing so, either a visible or concealed fastening is possible with the same panel thickness.

And that is unique.


All SVK façade panels can be attached with screws to the (wooden or metal) supporting structure. For this we use façade panel screws with a coated round head. These are screwed perpendicularly in the middle of the pre-drilled screw holes.


All SVK façade panels can be attached to metal support structures using rivets.

Rivets are available in the same colour as the façade panel.


SVK façade panels are glued to last with a gluing system that remains elastic and is specially designed for our façade panels. This gluing system consists of a double-sided, self-adhesive strip and a strip of glue. Be sure to take a look at the glue manufacturer’s instructions when installing façade panels.

Invisible mechanical attachment

The strength of our 8 mm panels means that these can also be installed with an invisible mechanical fastening. This applies to the product groups Puro Plus, Ornimat and Decoboard.

In this case the backs of the panels are fitted with fastening points in which panel hooks are placed with a tension-free anchor. These are then used to fasten the panels onto a suitable supporting structure. This fastening method is very stylish and results in an extremely flat surface.

* There are various options when it comes to creating supporting structures. Ask your installer for more information.

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