Ornimat fibre cement façade panels combine aesthetics and quality into a timeless and durable product. Cut to size, they offer endless creative possibilities. You decide the dimensions and the shape.  Ornimat façade panels guarantee a perfect finish and a durable and attractive result.

The core consists of fibre cement, finished with 3 coats of UV-resistant two-component polyurethane paint with matt or metal gloss appearance. The panel edges are squared and coloured with the same coating as the visible side. In this way your façade always looks uniform, regardless from which angle. Furthermore, the coating prevents the absorption of moisture and dirt at the edges.

Key Features

  • Complete creative freedomAll colours are possible: 20 standard colours, 16 design colours and all NCS or RAL colours (except metallics), whether combined with one another or not. Furthermore, you can play with various shapes and even perforations. Thus, with Ornimat, you truly give your imagination total freedom.
  • Custom workOrnimat is not a standard product; it is entirely customized. The façade panels are squared in the factory and then cut to the dimensions indicated: angled, curved and with or without pre-drilled holes. The panels and edges are coloured at the same time so that a ready-made product leaves the factory.
  • High-quality coating, also on the panel edges: unique!The water-based and UV-resistant coating on the visible side as well as on the edges guarantees the best possible durability and a uniform visual whole.
  • Low maintenanceOrnimat façade panels only require limited maintenance. Water or water with an ordinary liquid detergent suffices to freshen up the façade panels.
  • Optimal qualitySVK lets the Ornimat façade panels, made only from the very best raw materials, harden naturally in drying rooms. This gradual drying process ensures extra strong panels that have a low susceptibility to cracks and are slightly elastic.

Technical Info

Dimensions (squared)

Length Maximum 3070 mm
Width Maximum 1220 mm
Thickness 8 mm

Physical characteristics – EN 12467

Volume weight (oven dry) 1700 kg/m³
Weight per m² ± 14,6 kg

Bending strength – EN 12467

Class 5

Reaction to fire – EN 13501-1

Class A2-s2, d0

Quality Cert

Ornimat complies with the prescriptions of European Standard EN 12467:2004 “Fibre-cement flat panels – Product specification and test methods” and with the requirements of “het Besluit Bodemkwaliteit” (Netherlands). There is a CE label with the relevant quality criteria on every package.


Ornimat façade panels are available in 20 standard colours, 16 design colours with metallic sparkles and 62 solid RAL colours. On a project basis you can even choose from a complete spectrum of RAL and NCS colours (with the exception of metallics).


Ivory white
N° 1015

Pearl grey
N° 53

Grey blue
N° 56

N° 63

Cloud white
N° 79

Pastel yellow
N° 70

Carmine red
N° 3002

N° 54

Light grey
N° 60

Dark grey
N° 68

Eggshell white
N° 9010

Light pastel beige
N° 71

N° 51

N° 55

N° 61

N° 69

Pastel violet
N° 75
Pastel green

N° 78

Light brown
N° 765

Medium pastel blue
N° 77

The edges of the panel coloured at the same time, creating a uniform whole

A broad range of colours and cutting-to-size to ensure inexhaustible variation and combination possibilities