Onduclair GRP

The Onduclair GRP sheets are manufactured to the highest standards from polyester resin, strengthened with glass fibres.

Onduclair GRP generates environmental and cost saving benefits in natural light provision, making it the ideal choice for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural projects with low to medium humidity levels.


Onduclair PC

Onduclair PC Manufactured using polycarbonate resin to deliver class leading performance.

Onduclair PC sheets provide natural light illumination to both roof and side wall claddings making them ideal for use on buildings with a low to medium humidity level.

Onduclair PC assured sheet transparency and proven durability make it the first choice for residential, commercial, industrial, horticultural and agricultural projects.

Plastics Range

Onduclair GRP Advantages

  • The polyester sheets are translucent
  • With lower light transmission levels than total transparency, they provide gentle, even and subtle lighting.
  • Risks of dazzling or blinding by strong sunlight are avoided
  • The gelcoat protection of both sides guarantees no fibre loss for 10 years
  • The combination of polyester resin and fibre glass provides Onduclair GRP with high mechanical resistance

Onduclair PC Advantages

The Onduclair PC sheets are protected against UV radiation on their external surface using a coextrusion technique that guarantees excellent stability for light transmission wich can be sustained over long periods.

  • Onduclair PC can easily withstand temperatures of up to 130C.
  • They can be used in double skin-systems and in regions where roofs are exposed to a high level of sunlight.
  • Onduclair PC is recommended for panelling in sports halls (tennis, etc) and in regions that are regularly affected by hail due to its outstanding durability.