Galcar Spanish Natural Slate is a beautiful unfading black slate quarried in Northwestern Spain. This slate offers more texture to the roof, unlike the smooth looking roofs associated with other slate from that country.

Some information on the slate characteristics

Color: True un-fading BLUE-BLACK
Characteristics: Real textured appearance. Traditional look.
Pyrite free
Perfect match for Seca slate

Galcar Spanish Natural Slate is produced from one source with a long history of exporting high quality slates to the marketplace. 
RILCO can supply a variety of sizes, colour and thickness.

Please ask for details.

Advantages of RILCO Natural Slate


Slate is exceptionally durable. It is unaffected by normal extremes of temperature and is highly resistant to chemical reaction. It retains its colour, even in UV light and is impermeable to water. It is non-combustible and is compatible with all other building materials.


Combines beautifully with traditional and modern materials, adding character and quality to any building.

Proven Longevity

History and has proven slate to be the highest quality roofing material on the market.