RILCO Ventilated Tile Range & Fast-fix Products

Universal Tile Ventilator

  • Designed to be unobtrusive
  • For use with most profiles and colours.
  • Available as 10k or 20k Cowl.
  • Moulded in ‘HIPS’ with UV stable paint to suit most colours.

Slate Ventilator

  • Unobtrusive and practical.
  • Available as Low Line or Raised Cowl in Riven or Pinseal finishes.
  • Low line 10k, virtually flat with the sheet,
  • 10k and 20k cowl type with patented ‘anti-splash sleeve’ devices and fly screen protection.

Roll-out Ridge

For use with most ridges and hips.

• Fast and easy
• Value for money
• Requires no special tools or accessories
• For use on both ridge and hip
• Complies with the Building Regulations
• Can be used to upgrade existing roofs

Dry Ridge Kit

  • High quality 6 metre ventilated ridge roll with pumped butyl to ensure the best water seal.
  • Specially strengthened universal ratchet unions.
  • 10 ridge batten brackets
  • 80mmx5mm stainless steel screws
  • Galvanised 30mm C/H nails

Dry Verge Kit

  • For use with most interlocking slates and tiles
  • Everything you need for a standard roof
  • Contains: 25 right hands, 25 left hands, 1 Half-round cap, 1 angled end cap, 2 eaves starter units, left hand closure, right hand closure

OVEP One-Fix System

  • Cuts out need for 3 separate fixings
  • Unique ‘split skirt’ feature for easy installation of gutter brackets
  • Moulded nail/screw port for centered fixing
  • Resists water ingress and ponding
  • Comb bends easily under tile w/out need for trimming

Over Fascia Vents

  • 10mm, 25mm
  • Low profile for aesthetics retention
  • Almost undetectable
  • Extreme resistance to weight
  • 4mm grill – resists insects, birds etc

Double Roman


  • Marley Double Roman
  • Sandtoft Double Roman
  • Redland 50 Double Roman
  • Russell Double Roman



  • Redland Renown
  • Russell Cheviot
  • Marley Ludlow
  • Sandtoft Lindum



  • Russell Galloway, Grampian, Lotian, Moray
  • Marley Modern
  • Sandtoft Plain
  • Redland Stonewold

Double Pantile


  • Sandtoft Double Pantile
  • Redland Double Pantile, Grovebury
  • Russell Penine
  • Marley Mendip

Plain Tile Ventilators

  • Designed to be unobtrusive
  • Available as 10k or 20k Cowl
  • Suitable for pitches of 30° and above.

Providing you with all your Roofing Ventilation Needs

RILCO supplies a wide range of pitched roof ventilation products from its manufacturing plant in York.

With many year’s manufacturing experience in the roofing industry, working closely with some of Ireland and Britain’s leading roofers and distributors, they can provide you with all your roofing ventilation needs.
RILCO comprehensive range includes: Fast-Fix Dry Verge System, Fast-Fix Dry Ridge System, Fast-Fix Eaves Protection and Ventilation Products, Multi-Fit & Bespoke Tile Ventilators for slate and tile roofs.
All products have been designed with the roofing professional in mind. Time is money, so as such, all products are quick and straightforward to fit, competitively priced, without compromise to quality or building regulations and are readily and easily available.

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