A Panel for every Façade



Dimensions: ≤3070x1220mm (squared only)

Thickness: 8mm

Cut to size

Two-component polyeurathane paint

Matt / metallic finish

Edges coated in the same colour

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Dimensions: 3085x1235mm & 2535x1235mm (not squared) 3070x1220mm & 2520×1220 (squared)

Short delivery time

4 Contemporary Colours. Full NCS/RAL colour range available for larger orders

Acrylic paint, smooth finish

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Puro Plus

Dimensions: 3085x1235mm & 2535x1235mm (not squared) 3070x1220mm & 2520×1220 (squared)

Short delivery time

Expressive grey tints

Slightly rough finish

Natural appearance

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SVK colormat facade panels


Dimensions:3050x1220mm & 2500×1220mm (squared only)



Expressive colours, natural shades and patterns

Available in 4 standard colours and 8 project colours (>150m²)

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Thickness: 8mm

Installation method: screws / rivets / invisible mechanical fixing (Colormat fixed according to RILCO advice)

Decorative Cladding Boards

The façade is the face of the house and determines the appearance of the building. As an architect, contractor or client, you also take the greatest care in choosing the right type of cladding, colour, fixing method and detail finishing.


Need Ideas?

You are in the right place! Our wide range of decorative façade panels in fibre cement gives you complete creative freedom. Carte blanche. Here you will discover the endless possibilities for variation and combination. Regardless in which style you build, you will be sure to find the inspiration you seek.


‘Creativity up front.’ The decorative fibre cement cladding boards give priority to creativity. With four different types of panel, a wide range of colours and the potential for custom work, every project has an original look. Create a finish that is as individual as you.


Is your architecture traditional or modern? Does it have large, smooth surfaces or a more complex structure? Is everything in one colour or in an original colour combination, subtle shade variation or contrasting colours? SVK offers cladding boards in both classic and contemporary – but always stylish – colours. Cut to size or in standard dimensions. Through-coloured or not. You will find enough inspiration here to start creating. For private homes, but also for office buildings and blocks of flats, shops, and so on.


Renovation projects have been on the rise for a while now. The possibilities for giving a building a complete makeover are therefore nearly endless. With SVK cladding boards, you can renew the exterior in the style you want. The varied range offers you a wide variety of elegant solutions and gives the façade a refreshed and contemporary appearance.


SVK guarantees the durability of the material for a period of 10 years. In other words, SVK guarantees that all cladding boards conform 100% to the demands of the European standard (EN12467) for weather resistance, dimensional tolerances, physical qualities and durability. Furthermore, SVK also gives a 10-year warranty on the colour (only for Ornimat and Decoboard).


With the ventilated façade system, the cladding board works like an umbrella: it protects the underlying insulation and cladding structure against all the vagaries of our climate. In the meantime, the ventilation between the panel and the underlying construction elements ensures that the entire construction can continue to ‘breathe’. All advantages of a ventilated façade: minimum weight, maximum performance and optimal living comfort.

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